Bathtub Crack Repair in Dallas, TX

Bathtub Crack Repair in Dallas, TX

Fiberglass bathtubs can crack for a variety of causes, but the main reason we get called for a bathtub crack repair is due to accidental damage. Whether you put a ladder in the tub or something fell and cracked your fiberglass or acrylic bathtub, we can help. With our bathtub crack repair service, Happy Tubs can get your tub looking like nothing ever happened again. We specialize in strong, durable bathtub repairs. With costs averaging just 15%-20% of replacement, it’s easy to see why we are the homeowners and contractors first choice for tub crack repairs. We offer our bathtub repair service in Dallas, TX and all of DFW!

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  1. I have three tubs in an apartment building that refinishing and one additionally may need a crack repair. I need to schedule the time someone will be out there so I can arrange to have the unit front door unlocked or someone there.

    my cell number is 940-390-7313. I am looking for a quality refinishing job that will hold up for a few years at least.

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