Bathtub Rust Repair in Plano, TX

Bathtub Rust Repair in Plano, TX
While tubs can rust anywhere once chipped, we mostly see them needing rust repair by the drain or overflow. In case this is a familiar sight, rest assured that there’s a better solution than replacement. Happy Tubs can repair rust and rust holes in your bathtub, saving you 80% or more on the cost of replacement. We offer our bathtub repair service in Plano, TX and all of DFW.

Bathtub Rust Repair in Plano, TX by Happy Tubs

Bathtub Rust Repair in Plano, TX by Happy Tubs

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  1. Hi..Thanks for the prompt reply. As soon as I can, I will get the photo as you described and send it to you. Your price seems well within the affordable range that i can afford and I look forward to being able to put this little dilemma to bed once and for all.

    Once again…thanks


  2. Hello Gene,

    The repair costs between $299-$399 and takes between 2-4 hours to complete.

    Please send a picture of the entire fixture and one of any problem areas (with a dollar bill next to the damage for size reference) to or text to 469-844-5292
    I’ll be able to get you all repair options and accurate cost information.

    Thank you,

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