Jetted Tub Cleaning in Dallas, TX

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Happy Tubs offer Jetted Tub Cleaning in Dallas, TX and all of DFW!

A neglected jetted tub or jacuzzi tub can quickly develop biofilm (black flakes) and grime. This happens if the tub has never been cleaned because of the sitting water mixing with body oils, dead skin cells and general dirt.

What often happens is that at first black flakes start to come out when the tub is turned on. This is due to an excess growth of the biofilm inside the jets and pipes.

With our Jetted Tub Cleaning service, the inside of your jets and tubs will be back to sparkling clean again. The process is simple and effective, our full strength cleaner combination gets rid of any biofilm and buildup inside the tub so you can take clean baths again.

We offer our jetted tub cleaning service in Dallas, TX and all of DFW

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