Jetted Royal Tub Switch Replacement in McKinney, TX

Jetted Tub Switch Replacement

When your jetted tub doesn’t turn on or the tub jets don’t work, the issue is usually with the switch itself.

At Happy Tubs we are a full service jetted tub repair company and we offer our jetted tub repair service in McKinney, TX and all of DFW.

Not only do we carry common jetted tub repair parts with us, but we also have the training and expertise to repair jetted tubs from a variety of manufacturers.

Royal Tubs are very common in the area and that is why we carry Royal tub switches, Royal tub pumps and even Royal tub jets with us.

It makes for a faster and less expensive repair, which means it’s better for you.

Find out more at Royal Tub Switch Replacement in McKinney, TX

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  1. Looking for these parts for a royal whirlpool, would much appreciate if you respond if you have or know where to find them, thank you for your help,

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