Jetted Tub Pump Repair in Dallas, TX

At Happy Tubs we specialize in jetted tub repair and can repair any jetted tub pump that doesn’t work or tub pump that just hums.

Even if the tub pump is leaking or not turning on at all, we can help. We carry most common jetted tub pumps with us so we can help with jetted tub repair near me right away.

Even though plumbers don’t work on jetted tubs, we do. In fact we regularly attend training events with our Jetted Tub Manufacturer Partners such as Kohler so that we can stay up to date on methods and techniques for an efficient and cost effective tub repair.

We are the homeowners, contractors, builders and manufacturers first choice when it comes to jetted tub repairs because of our professionalism, responsiveness and high quality of work.

We offer our jetted tub repair service in Dallas, TX and all of DFW.

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Jetted Tub Pump Repair in Dallas, TX

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