Heavy Duty Acrylic Bathtub Cleaner

$119.00 $99.00

The same acrylic tub cleaner and tools we use for our deep cleaning ($299) service now available directly to you.
This set comes with enough cleaner for 2 tubs and the same scrubber and pad that we use to remove heavy scum build up and severe stains from tubs and showers.

Whether its used for an Acrylic Tub Cleaning, a Fiberglass Tub Cleaning, or a Cultured Marble Tub Cleaning, the full strength of our DeepClean will break down tough stains from your bathtub.

This is a very strong cleaner, please make sure you are comfortable with using full strength cleaners.

Comes with easy to understand and follow instructions.


Heavy duty acrylic bathtub cleaner now available direct to you.

The same strength as what we use on job sites, removes most stains after only a few minutes. Will also eat through heavy scum buildup.
Comes with heavy duty scrubber and pad and protective gloves.

Our contractor partners were always asking for a dependable bathtub cleaner that would remove rust, deep stains and construction dirt from tubs. We are proud to offer our DeepClean bathtub cleaner in a complete set for acrylic, fiberglass, plastic and cultured marble tubs.

Not available in stores, this is a full strength bathtub cleaner, the same as what we use. It can be diluted with water (1 part cleaner to 20 parts water) in order to use for less intensive tasks.