Frequently Asked Questions

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Repair Questions

While it does depend on the size of the damage, most repairs are:
$199 for chip repairs (up to 3, quarter size or smaller)
$299 for crack repairs (small cracks)
$299 for hole repairs (small holes)
For most repairs the tub/shower/etc can be used the very next day!
Most repairs are completely invisible to the eye.
However, some fiberglass repairs will be visible due to the need for thickness and strength.
No, epoxies are good for some applications, but not for some bathtub repairs.
Instead we use a very high end filler for your bathtub.
We believe it’s worth it in order to give you the strongest possible repair.

Refinishing Questions

Refinishing is the process of applying a new finish to an out of date, worn or stained fixture.
Refinishing, Reglazing and Resurfacing are all different names for the same process. There is no difference.
While it can depend on the actual fixture, refinishings are generally:

$399 for shower pans

$599 for standard bathtubs

$799 for garden tubs

$999 for tub and shower surrounds

At Happy Tubs we use only the highest quality 4K Acrylic Poly-Urethanes for refinishing. Originally developed for the aero-space industry, these coatings are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals and abrasion resistance.
On average, a properly done and cared for refinishing will last you well over 10 years. Apartment Buildings and Hotels generally get about 5 years of use.
Even though we only use certified low V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds) coatings, there is still a smell associated with refinishing.
Because we create negative air flow in the work area (air enters the bathroom from the rest of the house), and also vent the fumes to the outdoors, there is almost no smell coming into the rest of the house.
While it depends on the actual fixture and location, on average refinishing takes:

2-3 hours for a shower pan
4-5 hours for a bathtub
5-6 hours for a bathtub/shower combo

Other than removing any personal items from the bathroom, you can sit back and relax. We will do all of the work and cleanup.

Restoration Questions

Restoration is the process of applying a clear polymer to a worn fixture.
  • No fumes, zero V.O.C.
  • “Green” product
  • Will Never Peel
  • Restores shine
  • Seals the surface
Because it’s clear, will not work to change the color or cover any damage in the fixture.
While it does depend on the actual fixture, restorations are generally:
$399 for shower pans
$599 for standard bathtubs
$799 for garden tubs
$999 for tubs and shower surrounds

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Authorized Service Technicians

We are proud to be one of the only Bathtub Repair companies in the DFW area to be Authorized Service Representatives for warranty service and we also specialize in repairing bathtubs by the following manufacturers. It gives us inside access to the best methods and materials for your bathtub repair needs.

American Standard
Produits Neptune
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