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We Specialize in Bathtub Repair

We proudly offer high quality bathtub finish repairs and jetted tub repairs. Bathtub replacements can run in the thousands of dollars and take many days or weeks of construction to complete, not to mention they cause a mess in your home. At Happy Tubs we offer our bathtub repair service for a fraction of the price. Even though the average bathtub replacement costs between $3000 - $8000, most Bathtub Repairs are only $199 and most Jetted Tub Repairs are only $299! Our tub repairs are also backed by the Best Warranty in the business!

email us with any questions - info@happytubs.com

How to best Contact Us:

text or email us a picture of the entire fixture, including one of any problem areas (with a dollar bill for size reference).
Contact Info
include the name and number of the person we should contact with the repair options and accurate cost information for the bathtub repair.
sit back and relax while we prepare and send you all of the information for your bathtub repair.

Why Happy Tubs?

With over 38 years combined experience in the bathtub repair service, we are the homeowners, contractors and manufacturers best resource in providing high quality bathtub repairs. You can get like new results, in only one day and for a fraction of the replacement cost.
We have the experience and know-how to repair all types of damage, including both bathtub finish repairs and jetted tub repairs and back it all up with a fully transferable warranty. We provide you the best value by using the highest quality materials and parts and always offering the best price.
we have 1 Hour appointment windows!

Authorized Service Technicians

We are proud to be the highest rated Bathtub Repair Company in all of the areas we service to be Authorized Service Representatives for warranty service and we also specialize in repairing bathtubs by the following manufacturers. It gives us inside access to the best methods and materials for your bathtub repair and jetted tub repair needs.

Kohler Authorized Bathtub Repair
American Standard Authorized Bathtub Repair
MAAX Authorized Bathtub Repair
Aquatic Authorized Bathtub Repair
Jacuzzi Authorized Bathtub Repair
Lasco Authorized Bathtub Repair
Oasis Authorized Bathtub Repair
Duravit Authorized Bathtub Repair
AKER Authorized Bathtub Repair
Produits Neptune Authorized Bathtub Repair

email us with any questions - info@happytubs.com

Joe P "Arnold and his assistant arrived right on time, repaired the crack in my tub and left everything clean. The tub looks good as new and feels stronger than before. All for a realistic price!" Joe P. ~ Karen D "had another tub business cancel and reschedule FOUR times. Arnold called me right back and actually showed up a bit early so I could get to work and start my day. Terrific crack repair! Left everything clean and made my day." Karen D. ~ Rob P "The bathtub looks like brand new and my wife couldn't be happier. I can't even tell where the chip repair is. Highly recommended for their friendliness and professionalism!" Rob P. ~ Michele K "Outstanding Customer Service from the initial contact to the finished product!! I am very happy with the bathtub chip repairs and with how easy everything was!!!" Michele K. ~ David B. "I fell and my heel punctured my built in bath tub. Found Happy Tubs by a search and the owner CLEARLY explained my tub repair. Also cost about 1/10th of replacing the tub. you DO NOT SEE the hole repair. AMAZING!" David B. ~ Michael O "Great company to work with and excellent follow up. Had 4 fixtures re caulked and everything looks great!!! Cleanup was spot on and even came back for a quick chip repair. Truly look to make their customers happy. Highly recommended!!!" Michael O. ~ Kevin T "I'm very satisfied with the crack repair that Joel did on my shower wall. I can't even tell where the crack was or where the repair is. Saved me a bundle on replacing the shower and it looks as good as new. Would recommend." Brian F. ~ Allison W. "We really appreciated the time spent, his knowledge, and a well repaired bathtub. You can't go wrong with Happy Tubs for bathtub repair. We will definitely be calling Arnold if any other problems arise!" Allison W. ~ Sarah W "He was super knowledgeable, explaining and showing me every step of the process. He was also able to completely remove the bad repair job someone else did. the Happy Tubs rust repair looks amazing. I would refer them for a bathtub repair in a heart beat." Keilah W. ~ Kumar P "I am extremely satisfied with Arnold from Happy Tubs and the bathtub crack repair he did. I whole-heartedly recommend him. You can't ask for a better looking bathtub repair. Your tub will be in good hands." Kumar P. ~ Lynn B "Happy Tubs came out for a bath tub crack repair. Arnold did an incredible job - my garden tub looks brand new! Happy Tubs is quick, responsive, and does a beautiful job - I highly recommend them." Lynn B. ~ Josephine P "Today, after almost two hours of work on it, Arnold showed me my "new and improved" tub! You can't tell there was even a crack on it to begin with, he was that good. I recommend Happy Tubs for bathtub crack repairs!" Josephine P. ~ Eliza C "Arnold was quick with a response. Showed up the next morning on short notice and was on time. The chip repair was finished within an hour and a half and it looks impeccable. I'll just have to be careful not to chip the tub again!" Eliza C. ~ P Patel "After a leak was found in our garden tub during the home inspection, we almost lost the sale because I couldn't find anyone that repairs cracked tubs and has a warranty. Happy Tubs was quick with a response and fixed my bathtub in 1 day, very clear and reasonable price too!" P. Patel ~ Darlene T "My toddler tipped over a candle on the grandparents garden tub, which melted it bad. Once I found Happy Tubs, they took care of the garden tub repair right away and were even able to get some other stains out of the surface. Highly recommended!" Darlene T. ~ Lucy S "The chip in my guest bathroom started to rust making me worry it would leak. I found Happy Tubs and after sending some pictures to the owner, we set an appointment for the repair. Showed up on time and its flawless! I would recommend." Lucy S. ~ Tony A "Happy Tubs was a pleasure to do business with. Just like my realtor said, they came on time, fixed the rust by the overflow in my bathtub and left everything clean again!" Tony A. ~ Bryan W "I wholeheartedly recommend Happy Tubs for bathtub repairs! One of my teenage sons chipped the bathtub and we had company coming over. Arnold was able to get the bathtub repaired the next day I called and it looks like it never happened!" Bryan W. ~ Tracy A "When the painters chipped my bathtub during the remodel I was devastated. A brand new tub we had just put in. I searched for bathtub repair near me and found Happy Tubs, the chip repair is amazing, you can't even tell the bathtub was damaged in the first place!" Tracy A. ~ Colleen H "My bathtub was damaged during the window installation. They dropped the window right on the ledge and cracked the cultured marble. I found Happy Tubs when I searched for bathtub repair service near me and they did an amazing crack repair on my garden tub!" Colleen H. ~ Jessica O "Happy Tubs has the best bathtub repair service! They were able to fix a crack in the bottom of my tub and even added some extra support so the bathtub wouldn't crack again. The crack repair looks great and feels very strong!" Jessica O. ~ Tammy S "I am very happy and would recommend Happy Tubs to anyone, they have the best bathtub repair service near me! Fixed the many chips in my bathtub and made it look like new." Tammy S. ~ Ashley K "When my cat knocked over a mirror and cracked the bathtub in my master, I panicked thinking I would have to get it replaced. Arnold from Happy Tubs came to the rescue though and for about 10% of what replacement would have cost. It's the best bathtub crack repair company near me!" Ashley K. ~ John F "I got some quotes on replacing my bathtub due to the large hole on the side my teen caused. I then looked online for bathtub hole repair near me and found Happy Tubs. They came out and did an amazing job on the bathtub. Recommended!" John F. ~ Tom L "Happy Tubs came out on time and repaired the 2 chips in my bathtub in only 1 hour and it looks amazing. They were also able to get me on the schedule fast and stayed within the quote they gave me for the chip repair." Tom L. ~ Rachel G "I searched for bathtub repair in Arlington, TX after my realtor suggested we fix the chips in the tub prior to the sale. Found Happy Tubs and was impressed with the reviews. Met the owner and you can tell he truly wants to help people. I'm very happy with the chip repair as well!" Rachel G. ~ Kevin T "Arnold and his team arrived right on time during our agreed upon 1-hour window! They did a great job with the tub hole repair and explained everything to me along the way. They left the house clean and stuck to their e-mail estimated price." Kevin T. ~
we have 1 Hour appointment windows!


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