Jetted Tub Cleaner


Because of strong demand from our clients, we finally have a DIY solution to a dirty jetted tub. This is the same cleaning kit that we use for in-home jetted tub cleanings. These cleaners will remove all bio-film, grime and body oils from the inside of your jetted tub.

Whether its used for a Jacuzzi Tub Cleaning or a Whirlpool Tub Cleaning, the full strength of the cleaner in A breaks down hard to remove bio-film from jets and pipes Allowing the cleaners in B to get in the nooks and crannies of the pipes to get your bathtub back to sparkling clean water again.

Comes with easy to understand and follow instructions.


Jetted Tub Cleaner from Happy Tubs.

Cleaning Jetted Tubs is notoriously hard. From the ones that spit out a few flakes every time you take a bath, to the ones that look like a swamp after the jets turn on, with Happy Tubs JetClean, your bathtub will be clean again.

When we first started Happy Tubs, we didn’t offer Jetted Tub Cleaning due to how hard it was to effectively get a jacuzzi tub clean. However, over the years, through trial and error we came up with this Professional Strength Jetted Tub Cleaner. Our JetClean system is the same as what we use for in home jet cleanings @ $299, now available directly to you.

With the easy to follow directions, and the Full Strength Jetted Tub Cleaners in both A and B, you can rest assured that the inside of your jetted tub will be sparkling clean.

This cleaner is also effective for use as a jacuzzi tub cleaner or a whirlpool tub cleaner.