Kohler Bathtub Switch Repair by Happy Tubs

Kohler Bathtub Switch Service in Frisco, TX
Kohler Bathtub Switch Service in Frisco, TX
Kohler Bathtub Switch Service in Frisco, TX

At Happy Tubs we specialize in bathtub switch repairs. We are Kohler Authorized Service Technicians and can service a variety of not only Kohler tubs, but any jetted tub as well.

Kohler tub keypad repair services are rare (they make a great product) but should your bathtub ever need the keypad replaced, rest assured that we can source real Kohler parts direct from the manufacturer and have the necessary know how to repair or replace them.

As more and more tubs have multiple features and components, you need a good way to use those features. Kohler uses an intuitive design that makes it easy to turn features on/off with just a few clicks.

The tub in this particular picture has not only jets and air bubbles, but also a heated backrest for an improved bathing experience.

We offer our bathtub switch repair service in Frisco, TX and all of DFW, the greater Boston area and the greater Nashville area.

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  1. We need the door switch pressure sensor repaired or replaced on our Kohler Model 1355-H1-96-AABath Whirlpool. In Clyde, Ohio.

  2. Our motor on our Koehler air jet tub hums constantly. We need a service person to look at it.

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