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David B google review

Our house is about a year old. One day, while chasing a fly(I hate flies), I fell and my heel punctured my built in bath tub. Man that sucks and I didn’t get the fly. Now, I need to spend $3K-$5K to fix this. Found Happy Tubs by a search and the owner CLEARLY explained my repair. Actually, turned out better than expected. There is a slight wave to the touch, but to the eye, you DO NOT SEE the repair. AMAZING. Also cost about 1/10th of replacing the tub. So, I am good. I hope to never need them again! I will use another method to kill flies.

Eliza C google review

Arnold was quick with a response. Showed up the next morning on short notice and was on time. Work was finished within an hour and a half and it looks impeccable. Thanks

Lynn B google review

Happy Tubs came out for a bath tub repair. Arnold did an incredible job – my tub looks brand new! Happy Tubs is quick, responsive, and does a beautiful job – I highly recommend them to anyone needing a bath tub repair or refinishing!

Peter G google review

My tub was badly rusted and damaged from a horrible tenant. Happy Tubs worked their magic, refinishing it, and it now looks like new. Great price too!

R Perez google review

Arnold from Happy Tubs was a pleasure to deal with. He answered the phone right away when I first called. He also showed up on time and even did a few repairs at no extra charge. The bathtub looks like brand new and my wife couldn’t be happier. I just wish they did more than repairs and refinishing. Highly recommended for their friendliness and professionalism!

James M google review

I had my tub refinished by Arnold with Happy Tubs, and it looks like new again. Highly recommended!

Josephine P google review

For almost two years I held off on getting my bath tub crack repaired, first, because it looked like a replacement would be the better option, and second, when I tried to get a price on a new one I found out how expensive to replace the thing! Then in my research for an alternative, I came across Happy Tubs, and almost all of the reviews made me rethink the possibility of repair. Today, after almost two hours of work on it, Arnold showed me my “new and improved ” tub! You can’t tell there was even a crack on it to begin with he was that good! I just wish I took pictures before and after the repair! Thank you Arnold! You’re a genius craftsman!

Taj P google review

I had a lot of trouble finding a reputable company to perform a tub restoration. Many of the local companies offering this service have multiple rip off reports and better business bureau complaints. And then I found Happy Tubs. I called Happy Tubs on a Saturday and left a message with my situation: my tub was peeling from a previous resurfacing. Arnold called me back within a few hours and we had a 20 minute conversation. He explained the entire process to me, gave me specific pricing for the services I needed (stripping at 150 and resurfacing at 400), and set an appointment. Arnold arrived a few minutes early for our 8 am appointment. As soon as he stepped in the house, he asked if he should take off his shoes, which I thought was very respectful. I told him that was not necessary and showed him to the bathroom. He then got to work right away. Once he was done with the stripping and cleaning, he invited me to have a look and pointed out that there was nothing wrong with the tub, as in there was no reason the previous owner should have resurfaced it. There were no cracks, stains, or other blemishes. He said that he would be happy to resurface it if I wanted, but it was not necessary. He instead recommended that I “restore” it. I asked what the difference was and he explained that a restoration doesn’t cover the original porcelain with a white coating (as a resurfacing does). He explained that this was a better option because the coating would eventually peel no matter how well it was done, whereas the original porcelain never would. He told me that a restoration is normally $100 more (which I confirmed on his website), but he said he would honor the original quote anyway. I agreed and he went back to work. A few hours later he called me in to look at the finished job. It looked like a brand new tub. I couldn’t believe it. He then said he could come back later that day to caulk it because it had to dry first. I said I could do the caulking myself. To my pleasant surprise, he then gave me a new tube of caulk to do the job with. Class act! That’s a long winded way of saying that I am extremely satisfied with Arnold from Happy Tubs and I whole-heartedly recommend him. He is an honest, competent, and courteous businessman. Your tub will be in good hands.

Judy T google review

I just had my tub refinished and countertop -THEY LOOK LIKE BRAND NEW!!! I was amazed. Arnold was very nice and professional. I am soo happy with the way it turned out. Thank You Happy Tubs!!! I highly recommended Happy Tubs.

Mie M google review

I had a great experience getting my bathtub refinished with Happy Tubs. We did go for the lowest price the first time around and sure enough when it started to peel we couldn’t get them to answer the phone again, never mind to come back and fix it. We felt at ease using Happy Tubs because someone always picked up the phone or called back right away. The pricing was not even much more than we paid the first time and the bathtub looks great! Arnold was friendly and informative, explained the process and why it shouldn’t peel if done right. I highly recommend this company!

Scherry J google review

Very professional; responded to initial call quickly; when an unavoidable incident made Anthony 45 minutes late, he called to alert me about the delay; very pleased with the repair and the service!!

Mary L google review

A belated review, but no complaints here. Arnold did a non-slip resurface for a family member of mine and I highly recommend. Fair price, professional, punctual, and clean. would use again

Nick I google review

Arnold was easy to correspond with to get a quote. Came at the agreed time. Worked the entire time and did a great repair for us.

Megan T google review

When my nephew, in an attempt to help with the cleaning, poured bleach all over my new enamel bathtub, I was devastated! It was only a few months old, but it was now covered in ugly rust-colored streaks and spots that I couldn’t get out. I tried every home remedy I could find online, but the most I was able to do was slightly lighten them. I made a few phone calls to gather estimates on how much a professional would run, but many places wanted almost as much as a new tub altogether. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Happy Tubs’ number and gave them a shot. Their estimate was fantastic, and they assured me they could fix the problem. With nothing left to lose, I booked an appointment. There really are no words for how wonderful the repairman was! He arrived right on time and even took special care not to track rain or mud through the house. He took one look at the tub, smiled, and said he’d have it taken care of before I knew it. And he was right! I left him to his work and turned on the television. Before my show ended, he called me in to look over the bathtub. The stains were completely gone, replaced again with pure shining white. It was perfect! Amazing little gem that I’m so glad to have stumbled across. Professional, courteous, and, most importantly, absolutely wonderful at what they do. I can’t recommend them enough!

Angie W google review

I had a really yucky shower in my new apartment I rented that just didn’t feel right. Happy Tubs gave it a full “makeover” and now the rolling doors are smooth and everything is perfect. Really glad I chose them, as my friend recommended them to me. One of the best out there. Highly recommended.

Trey M google review

When I needed to get my bathtub refinished there seemed to be a lot of options. Unfortunately if you’re lucky enough to get someone to call you back the price they quote is ridiculously high. I was pleasantly surprised with Arnold from Happy Tubs. He answered the phone right away and the price was very reasonable. The quality of the work was just like the pictures as well. Highly recommended!

Dan V google review

I have a rental property in Dallas and I had another refinishing company with a cheap price come in and refinish my old bathtub. Needless to say after a month the finish was peeling and it looked worse than I started with. I guess you get what you pay for. Then I found Happy Tubs. Arnold came and gave a price that wasn’t much more than I paid for it the first time and he explained that when Happy Tubs restores a bathtub that they don’t use paint, it’s some sort of hard coating that can’t crack or peel. So we scheduled an appointment. When they came to do the job he was there 15 minutes early and 2.5 hours later the job was completed, I couldn’t believe it. There was no mess and the tub looked great. I would recommend them to anyone.

Doug B google review

Great job! Arnold was on time, knowledgeable, professional, and offered great advise. The tub looks fantastic.

Mary V google review

My cousin just purchased a new home in Dallas. I was helping her with some bathroom remodeling selections when we found Happy Tubs. We worked with Arnold on her project. Arnold was professional and knowledgeable about our remodeling questions. He thoroughly explained the difference between their process vs. a painted process for bathtub refinishing. After the bath remodel was complete, the bathtub/shower combination turned out PERFECTO! She ended up saving quite a bit of money which allowed her to get the slate tile she wanted. I would highly recommend Happy Tubs!