Options for a damaged bathtub…

Cultured Marble Bathtub Crack Repair in Plano, TX pic
Cultured Marble Bathtub Crack Repair in Plano, TX

If your bathtub or shower has been damaged there are a few options that you have to fix the problem.

Option 1 you can replace the bathtub or shower. Option 1 is your best option it completely fixes the problem but is very costly and can take weeks to complete. If you have only 1 bathroom you can see where this could be a problem, and it can be an extremely messy process.

Option 2 you can go to the local hardware store and purchase a D.I.Y. repair kit and attempt to repair the damage yourself. But you have to consider the fact that there are many shades of colors and the color the repair kit comes with probably won’t match the color of your tub. If the kit comes with tints It takes a very artistic eye to get the color perfect. Also the paint the professionals use is a lot more durable compared to the paint you get with the kit, you will also get a smoother finish with the pros. Plus some of the kits say 48 to 72 hour cure time before you can use your bath again.

Option 3 you can hire Happy Tubs Bathtub Repair for a fraction of the cost of a new bathtub. We have many years of experience matching colors and perfecting our trade. You will get a superior finish that is ultra durable and is backed with a 1 year warranty. We will blend in the repair for a seamless finish so the repair will be virtually invisible. Within 24 hours you will be able to use your bathtub.

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