Bathtub Restoration in Frisco, TX

Bathtub Restoration in Frisco, TX

Even a heavily used, stained and worn out tub can be restored. At Happy Tubs we specialize in saving you money while providing the best solutions. This tub would have cost $3500 to replace and required a whole week of workers making a mess in the home.
Instead, the homeowner contacted Happy Tubs and paid only $599! The restoration was completed the same day and the bathtub was ready for use the following morning.
Because restorations never peel, the homeowner can rest easy that it will not fail even if damaged (unlike bathtub refinishing). The fact that it’s a green product with no hazardous fumes is just icing on the cake!
A bathtub restoration includes our Deep Cleaning service and also Fresh Caulking. After carefully cleaning all of dirt, scum and stains, we remove the old caulking and carefully apply 7 layers of a clear polymer that never peels. This process seals the bathtub surface, extending the life of the tub. It also restores the shine the tub once had. We then apply fresh caulking to complete the process.
The newly restored bathtub is ready for use just 24 hours after application. Because we provide a complete service, we take care of all the cleaning before and after. The homeowner doesn’t have to lift a finger either before we show up, or after.
Happy Tubs specializes in making bathtubs like new again and we offer our Bathtub Restoration Service in Frisco, TX and all of DFW!

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