You get what you pay for…

Bathtub Restoration in Flower Mound, TX
Bathtub Restoration in Flower Mound, TX
Bathtub Restoration in Flower Mound, TX

There are a lot of bath tub refinishers out there and they all seem to promise the same thing–low cost and long lasting results. So what does your $300 get you:

Over-spray because of not taping or masking of surfaces not being sprayed
Improper ventilation of the area
Hire low-cost, inexperienced labor
Don’t bother to repair any imperfections prior to refinishing
Use of the lower grade materials
Sprays quickly with no regard for paint runs
Leaves a mess behind
Chips and peels after a few weeks

A proper spray tub refinish costs between $650 and $900. The disparity between the two is because high quality materials and skilled labor are expensive. It typically takes a full day or two half days to refinish a bath tub, the time is divided into:

Taping and masking of all adjacent surfaces so they don’t get paint on them
Venting the room the bath tub is in because of dangerous fumes
Prepping the tub surface for proper adhesion
Actual spraying of paint
Clean up

However, there is a third option:
Happy Tubs can restore your tub without spraying paint. That means there are no costly labor charges for set up and no dangerous fumes to deal with. We will:

Thoroughly clean your bath tub
Repair any chips, cracks, or holes (optional)
Apply non-slip surface (optional)
Apply 4 coats of sealer
Apply 3 coats of gloss
And thoroughly clean up afterwards

Because we only use the highest grade materials, we can complete the process in 4 hours and we only charge $599 for most restorations that never peel.


Save time (4 hours compared to 48 hours)
You can use the bath tub the same day compared to 24 hours
You don’t have people in and out of your home for 2 days
No dangerous fumes
You can save $$$ +
All bathtub restorations come with a 1-year fully transferable warranty.

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