How to repair a rusted bathtub

Bathtub Rust Repair pic 2

At Happy Tubs we specialize in bathtub repairs and a common repair in DFW is bathtub rust repairs like this one.

Bathtub Rust Repair pic 1

Bathtub Rust Repair pic 1

It may seem like this bathtub is beyond saving, but believe it or not, we can help. This type of rust damage often occurs due to an existing chip being exposed to a dripping faucet. It could also be from moisture coming from the back due to a leaky pipe but that is much rarer.

Once we set up an appointment and confirm it (via paying $129 appointment confirmation) we get to work by removing all the rusted out areas. After all, starting a repair on rusted metal is like building on sand, it just wouldn’t last.

Bathtub Rust Repair pic 2

Bathtub Rust Repair pic 2

Once all the rust is removed, we start the second part of the bathtub rust repair by re-building it with a 100% non metallic, high-strength filler made specifically to not allow water penetration. While a labor intensive part of the repair, it is very important to get it right as it affects the finished product.

If repairing the bathtub rust yourself, you will of course want to:

  • Remove the rust
  • Clean from dust
  • Rebuild with filler
  • Sand and fill again
  • Coat to match

As you can see from the last step, we color match our repairs to the tub. There’s no need to go through the expense and inconvenience of refinishing the entire bathtub. This saves you money and time. The tub can then be used after only 24 hrs.

Bathtub Rust Repair pic 3” rel=”attachment wp-att-2063″> Bathtub Rust Repair pic 3

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