Jetted Tub Pump Repair in Plano, TX

When a bathtub pump just hums or bathtub jets don’t work, Happy Tubs comes to the rescue.

We specialize in jetted tub pump repairs and carry several common jetted tub pump replacements with us in order to save you time and money on your jetted tub repair near me.

The most common brand in Plano, TX by far are Royal jetted tub repairs. We carry all major Royal jetted tub parts with us and are fully trained and have the experience to repair your Royal tub.

Sometimes a bathtub pump doesn’t turn on or the bathtub pump doesn’t stay on. This likely due to the electronics on the pump having been damaged either due to a power surge or corrosion from moisture.

Even in the bathtub pump leaks we can help repair it fast and affordably without the need for a budget wrecking replacement.

We proudly service all of Plano, TX and offer our jetted tub repair service throughout DFW. Find out more at

Jetted Tub Pump Repair in Plano, TX

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