Bathtub Crack Repair in Frisco, TX

We specialize in bathtub crack repair near me and can repair any cracked bathtub.

A cultured marble tub crack repair like this one is often necessary due to foundation movement cracking the tub.

These are heavy and rigid tubs, there’s no flexing at all, so if the foundation moves even a little bit like from ground settling or from a lot of rain, the tub will crack.

At Happy Tubs we specialize in repairing cracked cultured marble tubs and we take pride in our invisible repairs. We are a local bathtub repair company that takes pride in the work we do.

We color match on site to the tub, making for a beautiful tub crack repair without the need for a full bathtub refinishing.

Garden tub repairs from Happy Tubs mean that you can go back to enjoying your bathtub fast and with minimal downtime.

We offer our bathtub crack repair service near me in Frisco, TX and all of Dallas – Fort Worth.

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Bathtub Crack Repair in Frisco, TX

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