Shower Crack Repair in Frisco, TX

We specialize in shower crack repair and can repair any shower crack.

A cracked shower pan like this one can be a problem due to water penetration behind the shower wall which would eventually lead to mold or even foundation issues.

At Happy Tubs we specialize is shower pan crack repair near me and are a fully trained and equipped shower pan repair company.

A shower pan crack in the corner is a very common occurrence due to foundation movement due to ground settling or heavy rains which can cause the ground to swell.

Rest assured that we can quickly and efficiently repair a cracked shower and get you back to using it in no time.

Most shower pan crack repairs take only 2 hours and the shower itself can be used after 24 hours. Because we are experts at color matching to your existing shower pan, there isn’t even a need to go through the hassle and cost of a full refinish.

We offer our shower pan crack repair service in Frisco, TX and all of Dallas – Fort Worth.

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Shower Crack Repair in Frisco, TX

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  1. Bottom of my small shower is seeping water between the tiles. I have been told all the grout is cracked. I have been told I need a major floor repair at over $4500! I can’t afford this. Can you help me? I am available for an estimate this afternoon and all day tomorrow and Saturday. I live in Nashville, TN (Bellevue)
    Janice T

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