Kohler Numi Repair and Service in Dallas – Fort Worth

Kohler Numi Repair by Happy Tubs is the best option for smart toilet repair near me like the Kohler Numi toilet.

The Numi is Kohler’s flagship toilet model with features such as a built in seat heater, bidet, deodorizer, lights and even music playing abilities.

Just like with any other toilet, the time will eventually come that it needs to be serviced. Whether the Numi won’t flush or Kohler Numi seat doesn’t open, or even for Kohler Numi has a leak or is leaking, the experts at Happy Tubs can help.

We provide Kohler Numi Repair near me in Dallas, TX – Fort Worth, TX and all of DFW. We specialize in smart toilet repair near me because we are one of the only toilet repair companies to be trained in these amazing devices directly by Kohler.

We provide our repair services directly to Kohler for their warranty repair for Kohler Numi needs and directly to homeowners for Kohler Numi out of warranty repair.

Rest assured that we have the latest training and equipment as well as inside access to parts and technical knowhow for your Numi toilet repair.

We are happy to help and will treat your home and smart toilet repair like it was our own.

Find out more about Kohler Numi Repair in Dallas – Fort Worth at https://www.happytubs.com

You can also get more information on the Numi here https://www.us.kohler.com/us/numi-comfort-height-one-piece-elongated-dual-flush-intelligent-toilet-w-skirted-trapway-and-standard-remote/productDetail/toilets/1334092.htm

Kohler Numi Repair and Service in Dallas - Fort Worth

5 Comments on “Kohler Numi Repair and Service in Dallas – Fort Worth”

  1. Need an alpha valve for my Numi. Been told that it is a part that is discontinued. It is a Numi Model Number K-3901

    and I believe the alpha valve number is 1138874. Can you help?

  2. My Numi toilet is leaking slightly onto the floor when I flush and a bit more when I use the bidet. Do you think it is the wax ring that needs replacement… or something more major that would need a special part?

  3. I have one of the Kohler Numi smart toilets, that’s about seven years old. I need a new remote control for it. Can you help

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