Bathtub Jet Repair in Frisco, TX

At Happy Tubs we specialize in whirlpool tub repair and can repair any jetted tub.

This bathtub was damaged during a remodel when both of its front jets were accidentally broken by the contractor.

It is a bit unusual for a jetted tub to be made out of cast iron and the added weight was a factor in it being damaged.

Even a low volume tub make and model can be repaired with the right parts and technical knowhow. We also pride ourselves in our willingness to help and complete the job.

We were able to locate the right jets through our supplier connections and completed the installation in time for the remodel.

It’s just another way that we help with bathtub jet repairs. We are able, willing and know how to source even hard to find parts for your jetted tub.

When a tub jet breaks or a bathtub jet is cracked, it can lead to leaks and it puts the tub out of service even for regular baths.

At Happy Tubs we specialize in bathtub jet repair near me and offer our whirlpool jet repair service in Frisco, TX and throughout Dallas – Fort Worth.

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Bathtub jet repair in Frisco, TXWhirlpool tub jet repair in Frisco, TX

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