Bathtub Crack Repair in Fort Worth, TX

We specialize in bathtub crack repair and can repair cultured marble cracks in any bathtub.

At Happy Tubs, we specialize in bathtub repairs, no bathtub refinishing is needed. Because we specialize, we can give you a better repair that is truly invisible, just like this bathtub we repaired in Fort Worth, TX.

Cultured marble bathtubs can crack for a variety of reasons, but the most common by far is due to foundation movement also known as the house settling.

This is a common issue in North Texas because not only are most houses relatively new, but also due to the clay in the soil which can expand and contract up to 400% depending on rain or drought.

Cultured marble bathtubs are very rigid and heavy, they don’t flex with the frame of the house and even the smallest tiny movement can cause them to crack.

At Happy Tubs we are experts at repairing cultured marble. Not only is our bathtub repair material stronger than the original cultured marble, but we are also able to color match our bathtub repairs even though cultured marble has a natural gradient due to the way it’s manufactured.

As the most popular and highest rated bathtub crack repair company in the area, we offer our cultured marble bathtub crack repair service in Fort Worth, TX and all of DFW.

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Bathtub Crack Repair in Fort Worth, TX

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