Kohler DTV Valve Repair in Plano, TX

At Happy Tubs we specialize in Kohler Shower DTV Repair and Service.

Whether your Kohler DTV+ valve needs repair or replacement, the experts at Happy Tubs can help.

Not only do we regularly train directly with Kohler in Wisconsin, but we are also passionate about this tremendous product.

We service and repair:

  • Kohler DTV 6 port valves
  • Kohler DTV 3 port valves
  • Kohler DTV 2 port valves
  • Kohler DTV Controller
  • Kohler DTV Digital Interface
  • We can also assist with installation of Kohler DTV systems and also program them as well.
  • We offer our Kohler DTV Repair Service near me in Plano, TX and all of Dallas – Fort Worth.
  • Find out more at https://www.happytubs.com
  • Kohler DTV Valve Repair in Plano, TX
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