The real cost of bathtub replacement…

Garden Tub Repair in Carrollton, TX
Garden Tub Repair in Carrollton, TX
Garden Tub Repair in Carrollton, TX

It might seem like it’s as simple as buying a new tub at your local plumbing supply store, but there are several hidden costs to replacing a tub. You will need to account for labor and demolition. Not to mention whether or not the tub will fit through the doorway.

This is what This Old House has to say about it:
“What do you do with a washed-up bathtub? You could replace it with a new one, but that’s not an easy proposition. Most tubs are set in an alcove or corner, lapped by the flooring and wall finishes to create a watertight seal and tied down in at least two places by plumbing. If you’re ready for a full-scale bathroom remodel, replacing the tub makes sense. If you’re not, you’re looking at creating a real mess and spending $2,000 to $3,000 for little visual change.”

As you can see, replacing a bath tub can be a long, slow process, and can take weeks to finish. And we all know the headaches associated with dealing with the different contractors.
Or you can have Happy Tubs repair your tub in under 2 hours and leave no mess behind. It’s a guaranteed service that will save you money and time.

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